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Moving House & my little collection

So about three months ago my wife and I had to move out of our place and stay with family as we bought a new house. The new place however had to be renovated due to it being a tad bit old. Now for anyone that collects video games you’ll know that being away from your collection can be nerve wrecking especially if you’ve had to do what I just did and store 90% of your collection in storage where “anything” can happen!

amiibo & skylanders

Thankfully this past weekend and after three months we finally managed to move into the new place so you can only imagine how relieved I was when I had opened the storage unit and found my collection in one piece. Keep in mind I did take extra precautions to keep my video game collection safe by wrapping almost every single piece in bubble wrap!

Video Games

PRO-TIP make sure you buy the BIGGEST ASS bubble wrap roll before moving your collection, it really helps.

Nintendo GameCube

Unfortunately I’ve not had the time over the past three days to set up the gaming room but I’ll definitely be doing a post soon with full details and photo’s. I’m hoping to have it set up before the end of the week or latest by the following week. I especially cannot wait to set up the LED lighting I managed to buy yesterday.

Nintendo 3DS LED

Please do share in the comments below if you’ve ever had to move your collection as I’d love to know of your own experiences.

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