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Fire Emblem Heroes – The Voting Gauntlet!

The mobile wonder hit for Fire Emblem fans across the world released just over a month ago now, Fire Emblem Heroes. The “gotcha” mobile tactical rpg that has fans summoning characters from across the Fire Emblem franchise.

A summoning system that I both hate and love. Why you ask. Well lets just say that while every other fan around me has summoned more than two five star heroes, it took me a month and quite a number of summons to finally summon my first legendary hero.

However I cannot complain as the five star hero that I managed to summon was non other than Hoshido’s Samurai Prince Ryoma! A noble from Fire Emblem Fates.


Fire Emblem Heroes is currently hosting the games “first large-scale event” in a battle of Princes vs Princesses. The event begun on the 07th of March with Round 1 and Round 2 both already completed. In Round 1 we saw Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening battling it out against new comer Alfonse from Fire Emblem Heroes, Chrom of course takes victory here. We also see Lucina, from FE Awakening going up against Sharena also from FE Heroes with Lucina taking that victory. And of course Ephraim and Eirika fom Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones take victory against the siblings from Fire Emblem Fates, Leo and Elise.

Round 2 we saw Chrom going up against Ephraim with Ephraim coming out on top and Lucina going up against Eirika, with Lucina taking another round there. The final round has 30 hours left at the time of writing this so there’s still plenty of time for you to get into the action. However at this current moment in time Lucina’s Army is sitting with over 5 million points were as Ephraim’s Army only possesses just under 1.5 million. I hate to count the chicks before they hatch but I would highly recommend you join Lucina’s army for the items and points if you haven’t already joined an army.

During the event fans will also be treated to additional log in bonuses, special quests to earn more battle flags to assist in the voting gauntlet as well as a special Xenologue map under paralogues.

Fans have also been notified in-game that a new feature is coming to the game that’s being called “Inherit Skill”. The feature will allow a character to receive another characters skill. The date for release on this feature is slated for the 16th of March.

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