Fuuka – The Anime

While working on other blog posts last night I decided to watch a little anime simultaneously. The choice was Fuuka, after hearing a friend praise it. And although I prefer and sway towards genres such as fantasy, action and adventure I have to admit once I got passed the second episode of Fuuka I could not stop myself from watching seven more episodes.

Admittedly I’m not sure what kept me watching but I think the anime resonated with me from a personal aspect as it put the characters in positions that we probably can all relate to. It also touches on their passion to reach for their dreams but also real life situations of loss, sorrow, joy, love, trust and unity.

The anime deals with social awkwardness and seems to focus a lot on what social media can do in our lives, and not in the best of ways. The digital world can be so damaging in the digital age we live in, and the anime reminded me that this damage can be dragged into the real world as well. However we all need to be reminded at times that we are not alone in this world and friends and family will always be there in times of need.

Let me take a step back though. Through out the nine episodes I watched not all were doom and gloom. The art is well illustrated and the music is fantastic. The character development is well written and the plot within the plot gels well in a setting made specifically for a love triangle. There are quite a few comedic and heart warming scenes and I highly recommend that a chance be given to this anime. The “feels” are real.

There are currently 11 episodes out so be sure to check it out on Crunchyroll.

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