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When Life throws a spanner in the works…goodbye Switch

As we go through life we discover that there are many aspects that can uplift us as well as bring us down. When I thought about starting this blog I expected to only be writing about the good times, my passions, my hobbies and how amazing it all is. Well this week something happened that left me feeling down and out. I was finally in a good position to start saving up for the Nintendo Switch late last year, around November 2016. However being a video game collector (yep, some Retro Gaming deals just cannot be passed on) and purchasing a property two months ago I’ve had to cram down on just how much I put away for the Switch and honestly it was going well. So well that last week I made a little sacrifice and sold off a few of my Nintendo games which then gave me just enough to finally purchase the Switch.

Murphy (Murphy’s Law) however had different plans and on Wednesday morning I found my self booking my car in to the auto-shop. A few hours later after their driver drops me of at the office I get a call with the problem…my cars alternator needs to be replaced. Okay no problem it has to be done right, so how much is it going to cost me I ask. The price…70% the cost of a Nintendo Switch – GOOD BYE Switch…for now.

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It unfortunately left me feeling completely drained but I knew at the same time that as unfortunate as it may be, all I have to do is lift my head up and start saving again. Yes the time frame of acquiring a Switch obviously shifts a few months down but that’s fine right, good things come to those who wait.

Through out all this though there was a question that really made me think, how do others deal with these kind of situations. My situation thankfully is truly nothing major in the grand scheme of things but what situations and difficulties have you had in life with regards to video games or your passions that were blocked due to life throwing that spanner in the works.

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  1. Aww, I’m so sorry to hear! I hope your car is okay. It’s good that you got yours to the shop in time. Wouldn’t want anything to happen.

    • Thanks a lot man. All’s well now with the car thankfully.

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