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I recently took a trip down to the ocean side to attend a wedding and although I knew my time would be extremely limited I still had to take at least one console with me. ENTER my Nintendo 3DS. Why my 3DS you ask, well two reasons. Firstly my cousin down at the coast is a HUGE and when I say huge I mean colossal size Monster Hunter fan so its only likely that being the person who introduced him to Monster Hunter and being a big fan myself I knew we’d spend most of the time whilst not busy with the wedding preps and chores playing Monster Hunter Generations. Secondly I was lucky enough to receive the review code for one of my highly anticipated titles of the year believe it or not, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Admittedly I never really had a chance to play much of Fire Emblem during my trip however Monster Hunter Generations was thoroughly played and enjoyed. Over a period of 3 days I would say we put in just over 10 hours which is a lot considering the limited time we had during those days. If you’ve never played a Monster Hunter title before I would highly recommend it on one condition though, be prepared to sink some major time into it and make sure to watch this vid from Nintendo. In short the game puts you in the shoes of a hunter who is recruited by villages to protect them from monsters/dragons/beasts and retain peace in the land. The games allow for up to four players to hunt simultaneously in a co-op manner and also tasks the player to create/upgrade armor sets and weapons that are created from pieces obtained from the monsters you hunt and capture. Players will also have to forage for certain items and mine ores to create items that will assist along the hunts. Some of the items include Mega Potions, Shock Traps, Antidotes etc.

My first Monster Hunter title was back on the Sony Psp – Monster Hunter Freedom which was 11 years ago back in 2006. Funny story is that I had just started working and was making a trip down to the coast and needed a new game for the six hour journey. I visited the nearest store that sold video games (unfortunately they weren’t a specialist in video games but fortunately for me it was my first introduction to the MH franchise) and only found sports titles until I came across a title that looked like something I would be interested in Monster Hunter Freedom. Over the years I’ve put in about 2000 hours into the games in total having played every game since MHF and introduced some of my closest friends and family to the franchise also solidifying their fan-ship into the franchise.

This got me thinking and even made me publish a similar topic on SaGamer discussing more about what you do on vacation and if you’re even allowed to bring along anything gaming related on your trips?


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