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Fallout Shelter Vault 999 – Week 2

Welcome dwellers to another week of Fallout Shelter Vault 999.

It has unfortunately been a slow week in the vault as all dwellers had their eyes and attention on the Electronic Entertainment Expo better known as E3 2017. The week has in fact been so quiet down in the vault that we’ve not had any raider, radroach or mole rat attacks. I guess everyone’s had their attention on E3 this week.

The vault however wasn’t completely without events and we do have a few more residents that have joined the family in Vault 999 which in turn has opened the door of opportunity for three other dwellers to become our new found adventurers. Since earlier this week I’ve assigned a team to explore the wasteland in locating not only resources for the vault but also to see if it will be possible to help others out there in the harsh environments. Thus far the team has been quite a force to be reckoned with, and images on their recent exploit or rather mission to another vault, vault 730 can be seen below.

Vault Stats – Week 2
32 35 Dwellers
– 1 Pet
14 17 Babies Born
31 36 Weapons
31 37 Outfits
23 0 Raider attacks
32 0 Radroach attacks
2 0 Mole Rat attacks

That’s unfortunately it for this week dwellers but with E3 2017 being over I think things shall return back to normal down in the Vault 999.

Signing off,
The Overseer of Vault 999

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