My Anime of the week – Monster Hunter Stories Ride On

With the every day hustle and bustle its difficult to sit down and watch your favorite anime shows. So what do we do, we try and make a plan right. This is where one of my favorite anime broadcasters/online services comes into play – Crunchyroll. Yep, Crunchyroll is so convenient that I don’t just stream from my web browser on my PC but also from their multiple apps that are available through my mobile cell phone, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo WiiU. This in turn allows me to watch anime anywhere at anytime.

So with the hype of the Monster Hunter Stories demo it’s only obvious that my anime of the week would be Monster Hunter Stories Ride On. The anime is based on the up coming Monster Hunter Nintendo 3DS spin-off title and after playing the demo last week I already noticed a few changes in the anime although nothing major to cry home about. So what is Monster Hunter Stories Ride On about, lets take a look.

Monster Hunter Stories Ride On, just as the game, takes place in the village of Hakum. The children of Hakum village are chosen from a young age to participate in trials to determine whether they are destined to be riders. These riders form bonds with monsters known as monsties in the anime and game. Together both the riders and monsties protect and fend off invading monsters to their village. However on their journey to become riders they find that its more than just their village that is in danger and they now need to defend the world itself from the dark shadows known as the Black Blight.

There are 45 episodes out in the anime series with each being around 20 minutes in length. I’ve only watched a third of the series thus far but have enjoyed the character development and the bond the characters develop with not only their monsties but with each other. The life decisions and the life paths they have to take and even though the path is not always easy, once they’ve chosen this, they believe in it, live in it and stay passionately attuned to it.

So what are you waiting for future riders, check out the link to episode 1 below…

EPISODE 1: The Power of Bonds

Stay tuned to Controller of Life for my full view on the entire series coming soon.

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