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Nintendo Store Pops Up in Sandton City Mall, Johannesburg

Last week Thursday the 31st of August, I was lucky enough to attend an event in Sandton City…the event?
An opening of a store. Not just any store, but a Nintendo store!

First let me give you a bit of background. Here in South Africa there has been one thing that has always been a rare commodity and that is Nintendo merchandise. Hence why I’ve always envied the Nintendo fans out there who have experienced the magic that is the Nintendo World store in New York. And although this new store is no where near what the Nintendo World store is, it truly is still magical for Nintendo fans here in South Africa.

So welcome Nintendo Fans to the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone. Based in Johannesburg, Sandton City Mall. This store hosts not only a number of Nintendo Switch consoles for fans and potential fans to play and test out games on but also holds a ton of Nintendo merchandise such as bags, snap back caps, t-shirts, plushies, a large selection of Nintendo titles and so much more. And if that isn’t enough the store will also be hosting tournaments to build the community within the country as well as hold launch events…YES PLEASE, SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY!

As I mentioned above, the store is nothing close to the Nintendo World. However it is an incredible start and I look forward to visiting it as often as possible for some sweet, sweet Nintendo Swag and to play tons of Nintendo games. So make sure you check out their website for news on all future events and let me know if you’ll be attending any.

Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone Store Address
Shop 21a, Banking Court,
Sandton City, Johannesburg

Gaming Hours
Monday-Saturday: 9h00-20h00
Sunday & Public Holidays: 9h00-18h00

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