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The Call of the Guardian – Destiny 2

Today marks a BIG day for the Destiny community, the release of Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if you’re on any sort of social media networks I’m sure that you’ve seen a glimpse or even more of it. From tweets, facebook posts or even YouTube streams from those that were lucky enough to acquire the game early…don’t worry, I’ve been watching the streams as well.

Now to be bluntly honest, I’ve never been apart of the community myself in terms of actually playing Destiny 1. BUT I have always kept an eye on it from a distance or so to speak. Watching live streams on raids, facebook groups dedicated to clans, the entire community just screams unity! And its that unity that I’ve always admired. The only problem is that during that time I not only had too much on my plate but my internet connectivity to play online was practically non-existent or rather completely unreliable. HOWEVER since then things have changed exponentially and I find myself waiting in anticipation for my pre-order to be delivered. I’ve heard tons of people already saying that they’re waiting on a month or so before purchasing the game due to being burnt with Destiny 1 and the story line being shady but after playing the BETA (which you can check out here) and last night watching a few live streams I have to admit that I do not regret pre-ordering at all. Along with the gorgeous landscapes I saw from the game in a few of the live streams I watched, I also listened to the games OST and I have to say that it is SUPERB! Check out whats soon to becoming my favorite track from the list – Destiny 2 Original Soundtrack – Track 06 – Lost Light (featuring Kronos Quartet).

From all that I’ve learnt thus far, Destiny is rich in lore. And over the coming weeks I not only intend to record a ton of game-play videos to post to my YouTube channel and ultimately link here but also intend on covering the lore and story line from Destiny 1 and further into Destiny 2. So stick around for more Destiny content and please let me know if you’ve played Destiny 1 and intend on picking up Destiny 2. From a noob soon to be Guardian, I’d love to know more.

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