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Destiny 2 Launch Event & Nintendo Play Day #3

Hey everyone,

Once again I’ve been so incredibly busy that I’ve not had a chance to actually sit down and write a new blog post. Its been a roller-coaster of a week, last week. A week that consisted of…and if I’m to be honest here…mostly Destiny 2. And to top it all off the soundtrack is MAGNIFICENT. But more of that shortly, first let’s catch up on a few events I attended this past weekend. Namely Nintendo Play Day #3 and the Destiny 2 Launch event here in South Africa.

Saturday the 9th of September Nexus hosted the third Nintendo Play Day and admittedly it was even better than the previous two! The event hosted not only a Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros tournament but also had the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe time trials AND best of all attendees had a chance to try out Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. I did however make a cool video showing off the day, games and heavenly space filled with video games and anime that is the store known as Animeworx, so be sure to check it out.

Following the Nintendo Play Day on the same day I was lucky enough to be invited to the Destiny 2 Launch event at Emperors Palace here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Although the event was held after the actual launch of the game it still was tons of fun and the venue itself is incredibly well equipped. But don’t take my word for it and check out the photo’s below.

So back to Destiny 2’s soundtrack. Over this past week I’ve been playing Destiny 2 as much as I can. Whats worst is that when I’m not playing all I can think about is playing. And I realized that when I’m away from my PS4 the best way to get my fix is to listen to the OST. Little did I know that this would make things a whole lot harder than before!! Not only did I then want to get back to my PS4 immediately but also just wanted to listen to this phenomenal piece of art that is the soundtrack of Destiny 2 and nothing else!

And then to take it a step further my editor Garth Holden publishes this piece on SaGamer which only increases my addiction…especially with this quote from the composers who’ve stated that the central question of the soundtrack is “What makes a Guardian a Guardian?”

“In creating the music that will drive you through moments of loss and recovery, we have asked that same question of ourselves. The new soundtrack was composed to capture the somber spirit of a civilization confronting immense tragedy, and also to inspire bravery in the hearts of our heroes as they stand together and fight to reclaim all that they hold dead. We hope that you enjoy the music that accompanies this bold new adventure. Be brave all over again, Guardians.”

Yes Garth, if you’re reading this, you certainly know how to feed my monsters.

Well, time to get back to playing some Destiny 2. Let me know below if you’ve purchased the game, if you’re loving it as much as I am and more so if you’re obsessed with the OST as much as I am. And if you haven’t heard it as yet be sure to check it out on Bungies YouTube channel.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks thus far, Track 11 Journey.


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