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Hands On Impressions with Super Mario Odyssey Pre-Launch Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to a pre-launch event yesterday at the Nintendo Switch Pop up Zone/Store in Sandton City Johannesburg South Africa. Head over here to check out my post on the store. The pre-launch event was of course for Super Mario Odyssey!

Now I have to bring up the fact that if you’ve grown up in the 90’s or even early 20th century, heck even if you’ve been born for only 5 or 10 years now then you must or should have at least heard of Super Mario. And over the years you’ve probably played or seen someone playing a game with the infamous Super Mario. WELL get ready to start watching once again because Mario is about to take you on a journey or rather Odyssey across some wacky, zany and super colorful worlds.

Immediately after starting Super Mario Odyssey I felt overwhelmed. Since the demo was only around 10 – 15 minutes long I had limited time to explore and the two levels available in the demo namely Sand Kingdom and Metro Kingdom was overwhelmingly large. Although the levels had hidden within them collectible items both levels were completely set apart in terms of their settings since Sand Kingdom is set in a desert and Metro Kingdom is set in a city. I felt as if I was playing a different game.

Of course the major feature that everyone talks about is Cappy. So lets chat about Cappy. If I’m to be honest, I don’t really like Cappy…I absolutely LOVE Cappy!! Mario’s not only able to fling Cappy at enemies and items such as coins and boxes filled with goodies but also allows Mario to possess enemies. In the demo I not only managed to possess a Bullet Bill but also possessed a Mo-Eyes which is basically a head shaped statue. Both possessions were quite intriguing to say the least with each enemy allowing the player to control the enemies in different ways. The Bullet Bill allowed me to cross distances that I wouldn’t be able to with Mario and the Mo-Eyes allowed me to see invisible platforms.

Super Mario Odysseys controls are super smooth and for a platformer that is heaven. Another good feature with the Joy-Cons is the fact that the Joy-Cons also utilize motion controllers. By flicking your wrist the player will be able to fling Cappy in an attack action. By shaking the Joy-Cons whilst climbing a pole will also allow the player to climb faster.

All in all Super Mario Odyssey is filled with exploration heaven. The open ended like world is about to bring joy and a smile to millions of Nintendo and Super Mario fans out there. And of course what better way to play it then on the home/portable coolest console out at the moment – The Nintendo Switch.

If you’re interested in getting some hands on time with Super Mario Odyssey make sure you book time with Nintendo Distributor SA on their Facebook page for the 6th of October to the 14th of October. And make sure to check out a few pics I took at the event.

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