Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World (Anime)

Anime, what is Anime to you. To me it is the magical train to another land, another world, another plane of existence. Some based on fantasy worlds far beyond our solar system. And some based on real life scenarios. However it matters not on what they’re based on. Only that their musical soundtracks captures our souls. Their intriguing, enthralling and captivating stories hold dear to our hearts. And their characters strike the IRON whilst it is still hot!!

Indeed it is a love of mine close to that of Video Games. And with that love comes a new series, Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I absolutely love watching anime and Crunchyroll allows me to do that on the go. However lately I’ve not had much time to sit down and really enjoy an episode. Until of course last night. When hoping onto Crunchyroll Kino’s Journey caught my eye.

Now as it is with everything in life we all have our favourites. Our favourite colours, our favaourite songs, our favourite dishes and even our favourite anime genre. In my case I love watching fantasy anime combined with magic and often mechs. There is however a few occasions where I do stray from this and watch anime non-fantasy related such as Yuri on Ice which if you have not seen as yet then please do yourself a favor and watch it. Falling back to Kino’s Journey. I think that the thing that drew me to the anime was after reading the synopsis:

“Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World-” is a story about Kino, who travels around the world with nothing but her guns for protection and talking motorcycle Hermes.
Kino travels to many mystical worlds, each with its unique customs and people, and learns about the world through their stories, at times conjuring humor and inspiration or other times piercing cynicism.
However, Kino has her own custom, to stay no longer than three days in every town without exception, as it is enough time to learn almost everything important about the place while still leaving time to explore new lands.

I mean honestly a talking motorcycle, guns and journeys to many countries within a mystical world. Tell me that you’re not intrigued yourself. Well I was, and after watching the first episode I must say that I have mixed feelings…

The premise of course is interesting. Its always been said that the journey is much more enjoyable than the destination. And in this anime’s case it seems that the protagonist Kino is always searching. The character is stern and decisive and nothing seems to deter her from her goal to explore the world and countries to learn and experience about different cultures. There are only two episodes out at the moment of the anime but I strongly recommend watching the first episode. It unfortunately does start off slow…and well actually carries on that trend. HOWEVER, the episodes conclusion really knocked me out of left field……

Apart from the talking motorcycle Hermes (I really believe that they should have animated it a little more effectively as you’ll often not know that it’s him that’s talking) the series does seem to have potential with aesthetically pleasing animation in the form of well structured towns and lush green landscapes and gorgeous blue skies. I still have mixed feelings about it for now, but I do intend on watching more. I have a feeling that in time I might find myself sucked in and drawn to the many characters and countries that Kino will be visiting on her journey.

I’ve also learnt that the anime was originally released in 13 episode in 2003. And the one that I’m watching now and have linked to above is a new release.

Have you watched Kino’s Journey? If so, what are your thoughts on it.

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