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Kino’s Journey Episode 2 – Colosseum

I started watching Kino’s Journey – the beautiful world last week and had mixed emotions about it. The episode seemed slow and not much information was provided on the protagonist’s past or how she came about on her purpose to travel the world and visit these different “countries” which is essentially towns. However I did admire and like the protagonists character, her courage, drive and decisiveness. And in episode 2 we get to see not only this but much more of just what a bad ass she is. Without spoiling anything for you lets just say that the guns she slings in episode 1 is not for show.

Indeed episode 2 not only changed up the pace, it felt like a completely different anime. The premise of course is the same with Kino and Hermes (the motorcycle) still travelling. However this new town is unlike the first one that she visited and in this case Kino has to actually take action…real action. Especially since the new appointed King has changed this wonderful country that Kino has heard all about to something that has become vile. Not only are we shown her gun slinging skills but also shown something a little more intriguing. She is capable of creating and crafting specialized bullets. I highly recommend watching this episode. YES it’ll probably leave you with a lot more questions just as it has me. Where does Kino come from? Why is she travelling? How does Hermes even talk? Where did Kino learn to craft bullets and learn her gun slinging skills?

I honestly cannot wait to watch the third episode titled “Bothersome Country”, here’s the synopsis compliments of Crunchyroll although I’m not sure why they refer to Kino as “he” something I intend on contacting them about.

Kino is napping in his hammock when the ground suddenly begins to shake. The shaking grows stronger, and a huge, ashen country wall appears. Kino and Hermes are shocked at the sight of the moving country. When Kino gives waving his hand a try, the moving country asks if he would like to enter. They welcome Kino in and he spends several days aboard the constantly moving country, until…

I also mentioned last week that I found the art design aesthetically pleasing and once I again I fully stand by that, especially the scenes outside of the towns which show off beautiful lush green fields and trees with sparkling ponds/lakes.

Let me know if you’ve watched episode 2 as yet and also please let me know what anime you’re into and watching?

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