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My thoughts on Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World Episode 3 & 4

It’s that time of the week again to chat about Kino’s Journey The Beautiful World. This week Kino and Hermes encounter a moving country…and a traveling nation.

Episode 3 – Bothersome Country

Once again I found myself with mixed emotions. After coming off the back burner with episode 2’s high intensity change and pace, I found that episode 3 begun and continued to be slow, calm and timid in nature. Although the episode picked up a little at the halfway mark I didn’t find much interest in pursuing it. The only reason I ended up watching it completely is because once I begin something its usually difficult for me to just let it go and also I really wanted to see it to the end to try and discover if there is perhaps a twist as was with the first episode. Unfortunately there wasn’t, apart from Kino and Hermes conclusion on the country that they’ve just visited which is actually completely different from the previous two, and although this countries people may be well accommodating and possess advanced technology, they are absurdly confused in their methods of life and their surroundings. There was however one thing that intrigued me once again and that was Kino’s skills with a gun, in this case she used a sniper rifle…

In my opinion this episode can be given a pass. There isn’t much mystery or dark secret in the country and neither is there any information pertaining to Kino’s past.

Episode 4 – Ship Country

Since episode 3 left much to be desired, I decided to watch episode 4 immediately after. Interestingly this episode immediately starts off with a catch, the catch you ask? Is a return of two characters from episode 2. This country unlike the bothersome one immediately gave me the feeling of despair and tragedy although its people are completely stuck in their ways that they find it difficult to change and cannot accept salvation. It is often said change is like a holiday and I’ve often found that change can be a good thing if your attitude towards it remains positive however how do people change if they’ve only experienced life in a certain way…on the ocean life can be tragically different to that of land. Episode 4 definitely made up for the slow nature in episode 3 and ends of not only with a twist…but with a BANG!

P.S. Make sure you watch this episode all the way to the end, passed the credits.

  • Zain

Have you started watching Kino’s Journey as yet? If so, let me know what you think about it thus far?

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