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Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World Episode 5 Country of Liars

Episode 5- Country of Liars

In the latest episode of Kino’s Journey the Beautiful World Kino and Hermes visit a rather strange town. Strange not in the normal perception but rather that the people have created a fraudulent story that honors a traveller such as Kino. Obviously being a traveller herself Kino and Hermes have a bit of fun whilst guided through the travellers possessions now on display in the town.

We also get a tiny bit of insight into Kino’s reason for beginning her travels with one statement – her reason for beginning was due to a rather violent one.

Following this town and entering a new one Kino meets a strange man waiting on his lover to return, but during the interaction with the man Kino becomes confused. However it is soon after revealed the tragedy that this man has suffered. And although a hero to the town, his victory cannot make up for his loss.

All in all episode 5 begins rather abruptly and the first town that Kino visits doesn’t really hold much towards story line except for one thing which is obviously my own interpretation and should not be taken to heart if you disagree and that is when we’re gone we leave people we love behind…although it might seem impossible at times, try and make sure that you’ve prepared as best as you can for their futures. For without preparation they might become a prisoner of sorts the rest of their lives (it should make a little more sense once you watch the episode).

Life has many routes during our travels, but twists of fate always bring us back onto the path no matter how far we stray from it.

The question through out it all I guess is…is it okay to lie to the ones we love to protect them?

  • Zain

Please do let me know if you’ve started watching Kino’s Journey and what are your thoughts on it thus far.

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