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Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World Episode 6, 7 & 8

This week finds me catching up on not just one but three episodes of Kino’s Journey. It’s been a busy few weeks but the best part about catching up is the fact that you’ll usually have more than one episode to watch. So without further a-do let’s jump into episode 6, 7 and 8.

Episode 6 – In the Clouds
Kino’s Journey episode 6 begins of foggy with Kino and Hermes discussing something about having enough knowledge…within the first five minutes though I already felt angered! This episode is not for the light hearted and unfortunately takes a strong path into slavery and the abuse against a slave. This is by far one of the most emotional episodes in the series I’ve watched thus far. Through out the episode you’ll feel anger, frustration, sorrow, heartbreak and perhaps relief. The episode doesn’t necessarily focus on a country like the other episodes do but rather a group of travelling merchants. What’s more is that Kino only features in the beginning and close to the end so nothings really given about Kino’s past. I’m still not sure how I feel about the episode as a whole but it’s definitely one to watch if you’re strong enough – emotionally.

Episode 7 – Historic Country
The thing I love most about Kino’s Journey is the fact that every episode is a journey of its own. In this episode we surprisingly receive a little treat in the form of learning about Kino’s master who seems to have taught her, her gun-slinging skills. Just as the episodes title, Kino reminisces about her teacher and recalls a story that her teacher mentioned to her about a country close to where Kino and Hermes are travelling. Kino’s master and her apprentice back then took on the countries corrupt government and inspired its people. I thought this episodes quite fitting for whats actually happened in this past week in the country of Zimbabwe where the change of leadership (President) finally took place after years of oppression/corruption. I found this episode a lot easier to watch compared to episode 6 but now find myself asking even more questions about Kino’s past.

Episode 8 – Country of Radio Waves
Episode 8 sees the return of familiar faces Kino has parted with before. This time around we view a country a lot more modernized than what we’re used to seeing in the previous episodes. Although their technology isn’t as advanced, their towns, roads, buildings and just general infrastructure is more like what we’d see in today’s day and age. The biggest problem with this country however is its people and their ability to not see the truth…this episode sort of ends two thirds of the way through with the third bit focusing on characters relationships, more so friendship. This episode starts off slow, increases in pace and then dies down after around 15 minutes. I do however enjoy the protagonists in this episode but alas missed Kino’s presence.

Well that’s it. Three episodes journeyed through. Each one in their own right special although Kino’s absence in all three of them was felt. Epiode 8 was a good change of pace with the returning character but I strongly hope that episode 9 features Kino more. After all it is called Kino’s Journey.

Coming soon, Episode 9 – Various Countries

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