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A bit late but Happy New Year & a Hunting we shall go


It’s been a while since I’ve posted to Controller of Life but I’m back and with it comes great news on what I’ve been up to…one clue, it has to do with Monster Hunting. Of course that’s right – Monster Hunter World!

Today marks a month since the game was released and during this time the guild and I, known as Alatreon Knights have put in a combined number of over 600 hours with the game. I’m happy to say that the games been consuming up all of my time although that’s not always a good thing as creating content in the form of these blog posts and my YouTube videos have taken a back seat. Heck I’ve not been able to even watch that much anime. Nevertheless I’m happy to have put in so much time into something I love. And to celebrate my month with the game I’ve uploaded a few videos of my game-play so be sure to check it out and let me know if you’ve dived into the world of Monster Hunter and please hit me up with your PSN ID’s if you need any help. Alatreon Knights hunt on a daily basis and we’re always willing to help both veterans and new comers to the franchise. Also be sure to check out my review on the game at SaGamer and until next time – May the Star Sapphire Light your way.

Taking on a Rathalos from the Skies…

Myself & two members from Alatreon Knights (Zee & Haan, their twitter tags below) Slaying the King


Alatreon Knights
The Elf

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