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The new Game Plan here at Controller of Life

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe it’s March already! The years just flying by and I’ve just not had enough time to post to all of my platforms so starting from this week I’ve decided to start maintaining a tighter schedule which means more posts, more consistence and more content.

Yesterday I posted to my Youtube channel and will continue to post across the week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesday and Thursday slots will be reserved for this platform – Controller of Life. And of course you can always find me posting daily except on public holidays and weekends on SaGamer. Make sure you check the site out for all of your video gaming news, reviews and features, not to mention the other awesome and entertaining writers.

Starting of my new plan and schedule is a feature on Controller of Life that’ll post every Tuesday known as “What’s New”…yes I know, nothing special or catchy but it explains perfectly what I’ll be covering. Basically anything that’s releasing in that coming week in terms of video games, anime, movies or something that peeks attention or interest in the Geek-dom of the world.

Hope you’ll all enjoy it and if you do please comment and share.

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