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What’s New in Montana – Week 13 of 2018

Another week with another highly anticipated title set in store for release – Far Cry 5. The game lands today and with it comes a ton of enthusiasm and good review scores. I’m not personally a fan of the Far Cry titles although I have played Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 4 quite a bit and can say that I enjoyed it, although not finished it. I was also lucky enough to play a bit of Far Cry 5 at an expo here in South Africa last year known as rAge Expo. During the demo play-through I was able to fly a plane, drive a 4X4 over some baddies across a field as well as wreck havoc against a small group of heavily armed cultists. And although the demo was restricted to certain areas, it was amazing how much freedom the game gives you in the aspect of open-world.

Far Cry 5 might not be my cup of tea but it does look promising and if you’re planning on diving into Montana today make sure you’re well armed and certainly make sure you ask questions later and shoot first!

Be sure to also check out SaGamer to win the game on Xbox One as well as some swag in the form of coasters, an air freshener, bottle opener, T-shirt, Trucker cap, lanyard and a sticker sheet case. Winners to be announced on the 29th of March 2018 on the website as well as SaGamers Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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