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Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World Episode 10 Kind Country

Good evening (evening here in South Africa) anime fans. I can’t believe that its been a week already and luckily it’s the 29th of March which means I’ll be off for the long weekend of Easter over the next few days. This of course means time to spend some quality time with family, anime and video games. Coming back to today’s episode though, Kino’s Journey the Beautiful World episode 10 titled ‘Kind Country’.

As always Kino’s Journey takes the viewer from one end of the world to the next and not just literally. Episode 10 unlike episode 9 focuses on one country. This country however is quite strange and unique. Upon approaching it Kino is confronted by the countries guards and asked quite sternly as to how long she’ll be staying. Hearing her standard answer of three days the guards become excited and joyful which shocks Kino. During her stay in the country Kino is escorted by a young girl who is the daughter of the inn owners where Kino is residing. The young girl also offers and guides Kino through the country on a tour. One thing that perplexes Kino and Hermes however is that the town is nothing as the rumors suggested which was that the people are selfish and unkind to all visitors and travelers. And because of this Kino in fact for the first time requested that she would like to stay for another day or two which not only shocked Hermes but also the guards who in turn advised her that she cannot. Especially since she originally stated that she’ll only be there for only three days. This left me perplexed and confused and I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the episode to try and understand and see the plot twist which I’ve seen in previous episodes of the anime. Needless to say that when the twist hit, I was utterly shocked myself….

Episode 10 portrays a side of Kino that we’ve not seen before. A softer and more gentle side. Which leads me to believe that this is how Kino might have been if her travels and past did not be as it was. Check out episode 10 right here on Crunchyroll.


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