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Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World Episode 11 Country of Adults

It’s been a long, obscure journey and with episode 11 comes the second last episode of Kino’s Journey. Episode 11 starts off with a twist that had my mind going into overdrive. I had seen and heard these lines before but in a different setting. It all seemed so familiar and yet so different. As if I was watching a previous episode as it is played out in a parallel universe. What other explanation did I have but this. And I found that as I watched on, this episode had even more surprises up its sleeve. The country that ‘Kino’ visits forces their children to become adults at just 12 years of age and worst of all they cannot chose their career path but have to inherit (or rather are forced into) the careers their parents possess. Alas, if by some miracle the children decide that they refuse this path in life a terrible faith befalls them…

Episode 11 is a must watch filled with awe, shock and eventually realization as to Kino’s true beginnings with Hermes and her path to becoming a traveler. Check out episode 11 on Crunchyroll right here.

  • Zain

PS. Restaurant to Another World will be hitting Controller of Life soon. My apologies for the delay.


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