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Something seems shiny in Pokémon GO (What’s New)

This week instead of covering a game or anime that is releasing I thought I’d change it up a bit and cover something that’s been close to my heart since launch – Pokémon GO. The games come a long way since its release from being a world hit wonder, then falling from grace with the lack of content and the drama at the one year anniversary hosted by Niantic in Chicago and then of course the rise with new gen Pokémon releases and a new battle system in terms of raids and more so legendary raids. Of course we’ve also just recently seen a new update that’s also now added research mechanics that is giving players that have left a reason to return even if just for a moment to complete the research and catch Mew. However since last year we’ve seen a few shiny Pokémon hitting the game as well. Nothing too serious with a shiny Gyarados taking stage and thereafter seeing a few more receiving their shinies in the game.

Apologies, for those that don’t know shiny Pokémon are an anomaly in the games and super rare. They aren’t anything special in terms of abilities or attacks learned. In actual fact all the shiny has that a normal version Pokémon does not, is a change in their colour. Although some look almost the exact same as their normal types there are quite a number that have completely changed in colour such as Ponyta who is normally red with flames, its shiny variant has blue flames. You could play for ten years and never find one in the wild in the main line series games. Or as luck would have it, you could find one in your first ten hours of playing. Recent games however have increased the chances of a sighting and have been more fair with a lot more trainers out there sighting and catching shiny Pokémon.

Coming back to Pokémon GO. Data miners have recently uncovered code which indeed shows code within the game that caters for the shiny variants for the complete generation 1 and some of the gen 2’s Pokédex. If this is truly the case we can expect this news soon apparently and also we can expect to lose whatever time we’ve had spare in our lives because shiny hunting is not just a game but a lifestyle. I think the most impressive shiny to recently hit Pokémon GO is shiny Lugia seen above. Well trainers, all we can do now is wait for the announcement and then get out their and catch Pokémon. After all we “gotta catch em all”.

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Source: Polygon

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