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The finale of Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World Episode 12

Last week on Kino’s Journey we learnt the truth about Kino’s beginnings. It was a sad truth indeed and upon beginning episode 12 titled Fields of Sheep I expected something incredibly obscure. And what I found was in fact…

With 11 episodes in the bag it was time for the finale and episode 12 started off completely different to how I thought it would. I would say this episode is quite possibly the most comical in the beginning with Kino and Hermes being chased by sheep. Which actually reminded me of Link being chased by chickens. However, as funny as it begun it soon developed into a horror with sheep…yep, who knew sheep would be so scary. Needless to say I’ve not seen Kino in this magnitude of trouble in a while and of all enemies to face it had to be sheep. In all honesty I guess I did want obscurity from this final episode and it delivered.

I expected so much more since it is the final episode and after episode 11 it was only fair of me to expect this right? Although even through my expectation I did enjoy the message that I interpreted at the end from Kino – in life when one journey ends, it is not truly the end, another journey can easily begin again and with this comes new prosperous beginnings. After all the journey is only as good as you make it and just as good as the destination.

Although the episode did not deliver on my expectations I some how found myself satisfied with the ending I was given. After all just as it is in life not all endings are rainbows and butterflies but rather a continuous journey….

Check out Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World Episode 12 right here on Crunchyroll.

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