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The Gods must be crazy for the God of War has appeared

Indeed the game that’s not even out as yet but is on everyone’s lips, God of War. Kratos is back and this time his not alone. Along with his son Atreus the God of War leaves the Greek Mythology behind to enter Norse Mythology. The mythology is not the only major change, Kratos is said to no longer possess and wield the double-chained blades but rather a battle axe being called Leviathan Axe. During game-play released recently we see that the axe can be thrown at enemies and left in place until recalled. Thus allowing players to build upon strategies in the middle of a brawl. Kratos also seems to possess a shield on his left arm that can be utilized in both an offensive and defensive manner. And if that’s not enough Kratos does have an aid in battle and thats Atreus. Equipped with a bow, Atreus is able to not only assist Kratos in battle but also during puzzle-solving.

The reviews have been unanimously positive and I honestly believe that this game is going to be a strong contender for game of the year.

The game releases this Friday the 20th of April and you can be sure that Kratos is about to bring the pain!

  • Zain
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