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It’s time for War…Food Wars!

It’s time for War…Food Wars!

With Kino’s Journey now over I needed to carry on with my own journey, to watch more anime, and there’s one anime that kept being recommended to me on my numerous social feeds and by friends. That anime as you guessed it from the title is Food Wars!

The premise is simple. A prodigy chef Soma Yukihira who’s only thirteen years old has grown up in the kitchen. The family business if of course a restaurant so it’s only normal for Soma to have grown up around cooking. However when his father has to go away for quite some time, the shop has to close for a few months and it is within this time that his father requests for him to attend a culinary school. The school however is no normal culinary school but rather a school for the rich and our protagonist unfortunately is the furthest thing away from this, immediately creating the image of Soma being the underdog. What’s more is that the school has a graduation rate of less than 10% creating even more of an uphill to Soma’s dream of becoming the number 1 chef and surpassing his father.

I’ve thus far watched around 15 episodes and honestly cannot stop watching the series. Admittedly I was skeptical at first as I do prefer fantasy and mech anime but after just the first episode I was hooked. Within the first 15 episodes you not only will get to experience character build up in the protagonist but also the characters around him. Soma not only creates bonds with his dormitory class mates but also many of his rivals. His always calm and never gets pushed into the fire but rather with his calm and cool attitude coaxes the fire to his level of heat. The only thing I can say that I dislike about the anime is the food-gasms that is portrayed within the anime when characters taste test during or after food wars. Which brings us to the crux of the anime. Food Wars are basically like card duels or even Pokémon battles. Two chefs go up against each other in a time limited event with judges and sometimes an audience and the one that wins, wins the food war. In the anime this is basically how a chef ranks up as well. Especially since the school is run by “the ten”. A group of ten students who are the top chefs within the school and hold so much power and influence that even the teachers cannot go against a decision made by them. And this is where Soma see’s himself climbing, to the number one spot!

There is already three seasons of the anime and in all honesty I can understand why. Make sure to check out the incredibly entertaining Food Wars right here on Crunchyroll. I honestly cannot wait to finish the first season over the coming week and will make sure to give my run down on it in next weeks anime post.

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