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What’s new in May 2018 – week 1

Since the release of the highly anticipated God of War and Nintendo Labo there hasn’t really been much in store for us to be excited about. However that doesn’t mean that games aren’t being released, quite the opposite actually as there are still quite a number of titles coming out this week. Many perhaps not AAA but still something to take a look at especially for Nintendo Switch owners. So lets take a look.



May 1, 2018
PS4 – Killing Floor: Incursion
PS4 – Super Mega Baseball
PS4 – Guns of Icarus Alliance

May 2, 2018
NS – Arcade Archives: 10-Yard Fight
NS – ACA NeoGeo: Stakes Winner

May 3, 2018
NS – Nihilumbra
NS – Timberman VS
NS – Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!
NS – Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Sly Spy
NS – Perfect Angle
PS4 – Deiland

May 4, 2018
NS – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
NS – Urban Trials Playground
PS4 – City of Brass

May 5, 2018
PC – Star Trek Adversaries (Early Access)

Information for the above releases were taken from Giantbomb, Raru, playstationlifestyle.

With E3 around the corner I’m sure many are getting ready for the announcements that we’re going to see and I for one am looking forward to some major announcements from Nintendo on their Pokémon title and Super Smash Bros on the Switch. I’d also love to see more information on The Division 2 and perhaps Bethesda announcing a new Fallout? Maybe, only time will tell. Whatever announcements come our way though it’s sure to surprise and shock a lot of us and I cannot wait for E3 this year!

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