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This weeks major video game announcements…

With E3 2018 knocking at our doors and this past week being filled with announcements its hard not hoping on the hype train. In this recent week we’ve seen announcements from all over the place but three in specific has my hype levels going. Two of them are for upcoming games and the third is in fact just an update of a current game that’s out. Lets check them out.

First up is the announcement by none other than Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for two new Nintendo Switch titles coming later this year on the 16th of November, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. We know thus far that the games will be able to connect with Pokémon GO and players will be able to transfer their Pokémon from the mobile game to the Switch titles. Its also been announced that players will be taken back to the Kanto region and will have access to the first generation of Pokémon, the original 150. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that we’ll be battling wild Pokémon but rather catching them like we do in Pokémon GO. Don’t let that get you down though as the games will still have Pokémon battles, just against other trainers. Which bring us to one of my most exciting bits about the games, Co-Op!! Check out the full announcement trailer below and let me know if you’re as hyped as I am.

Next up we have something on the complete opposite end of the yard and that’s Bethesda’s tease…Fallout 76. Since its only a tease we don’t actually know much about the game except that we’ll be part of vault 76 and the trailer below gives us a little tour around the vault. Bethesda did however mention that more details will be coming soon on the 10th of June live in Los Angeles quite possibly during their conference. I absolutely loved Fallout 4 and cannot wait to see more on Fallout 76.

Finally, the next announcement comes from Capcom for Monster Hunter World. A new Elder Dragon known as Lunastra is now available in the game as per the free update 4.0. Lunastra is in fact a returning monster but new to Monster Hunter World. She is in fact the counter part of the Teostra but ten times more aggressive. I’ve unfortunately not been able to jump back into Monster Hunter World since the update but intend to do so this weekend. Check out the reveal trailer below and check out how Lunastra comes to the aid of Teostra who is going up against the infamous Nergigante….

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