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Knock knock, who’s there…E3 2018! (EA Play 2018, my takes)

Well, Electronic Arts has officially revealed all of their games for E3 2018 this evening and my top three take away’s are three titles that are completely apart from one another and yet I’d like to purchase and play them all. Kicking off my list is Unravel Two. Having played the first one I found it charming and a little heart warming. I also have to say that the puzzles although not difficult were entertaining and the fact that you can now play in a co-op form with another cute yarny by your side is going to be twice the fun! Check out the trailer below. Oh and don’t forget that the game is in fact out right now.

Next up we have Sea of Solitude. Unfortunately I don’t know much about this title but after watching the trailer I found a surprisingly haunting pleasure about it. A lonely world at first turned into ruins and what seems to be a sea of perhaps souls….who knows but be sure to check out the trailer which also shows a tiny bit of game-play.

Finally and actually why I tuned into the EA show is Anthem. A title which we saw last year and I absolutely loved. I immediately told my close co-op friends that I play with on a regular basis that we will be getting this game. Last year however we were told that the game will release this year and then the delay was announced and although disappointing as it was the rumors of micro-transactions was a little more worrying. However after watching the show and them announcing that there will be no micro-transactions except for cosmetics on the exo-suits known as Javelins I cannot wait to play and see more of this title!! Anthem is due for a 22nd of February 2019.

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