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Bethe3da Conference E3 2018

Another conference has come to pass and this time we received a ton of exciting announcements from Bethesda. In all honesty though there was only one specific game I wanted to know more about and that’s Fallout 76, which evidently we received quite a bit on.

So first off let’s go through the games that were announced before I get into Fallout…yes I did say that that’s the only announcement I wanted and needed to here. Oh and when I say go through I actually just mean list the games.

Rage 2
The Elder Scrolls: Legends
The Elder Scrolls Online
Quake Champions
Prey: Mooncrash (DLC)
Wolfenstein: Youngblood (I’ve not really played a Wolfenstein game before but this looks amazing)
Skyrim: Very Special Edition
Elder Scrolls: Blades
Starfield (a new IP announced from Bethesda)
The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda really had a strong showing filled with some exciting titles to come but of course its Fallout 76 that hit my hype levels. Fallout 76 will not only be an online game but of course with every online title its due to multiplayer…

Multiplayer in a Fallout game, what the heck?! Well it seems that every human survivor out of the vault will be an actual real player in the waste land. The intriguing bit however is that players will in turn then have to decide whether they’d like to work together or against each other to survive. Obviously working together would be more beneficial but Bethesda has mentioned that if players want to, they can go at it in the waste lands solo.

Another intriguing bit is that unlike Fallout 4, Fallout 76 will allow players to build bases anywhere they please. However your base will be open to attacks from both creatures of the waste and other players. And if that’s not enough Bethesda has mentioned that they’ve left nukes throughout West Virginia that players will be able to access if they find the launch codes. Prepare for mayhem out their dwellers of vault 76.

Fallout 76 releases on the 14 November 2018 so make sure you pre-order especially for the collectors edition. But if you need the Fallout flavor right now Fallout Shelter is now available on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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