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E3 2018: Sony brings the fire (my top picks)

I unfortunately didn’t watch this conference live with it being at 3am here in South Africa and the team at SaGamer covering three conferences prior namely Square Enix, Ubisoft and the PC Gaming Show we were running on low although BIG UPS to the rest of the team who did in fact stay up and cover the conference. And even after watching the show later than aired I have to admit that Sony was indeed exciting. So here’s my top picks.



The Last of Us 2

Sony kicked off their conference with some amazing game-play on The Last of Us 2 and dare I say it was emotionally violent.

Death Stranding

Another pick for me from the conference was the infamous Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. After watching the trailer my mind was blown even further than I thought possible. I have so much more questions than any of the answers (and there was none) I thought we’d receive.

Spider Man

And finally another favorite pick for me from the show was everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider Man. The game-play looks incredible and Spideys movements so fluent. The trailer however leaves us in a moment of suspense…why Sony, why!!?

With all the conferences done we have one left, and as they say SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST. Don’t disappoint Nintendo!!

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