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Hey everyone,

First off, apologies, I know it’s been a while. And as I’m sure it is with everyone of you, life always seems to have a different set of rules for us than the ones we set out.

I had originally set out a routine schedule which I did manage to follow for just over a month but being a dad to two, a husband, working a 9-5 and being a writer/contributor for SaGamer daily, has left little time for me to blog, vlog and sometimes even play the games I want to play. So going forward I’ve decided to try and hit up at least one blog post a week, one vlog a week and a daily instagram post. This is of course until I miraculously figure out how to bend time or alternatively clone myself.

So without further a-do let’s begin with Controller of Life’s new weekly feature, the catch up.

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Last week Saturday, my family and I hit up a sweet wholesaler in Johannesburg. I did take a few pics and video clips so make sure you check out the post on instagram. You may see a few things that may be of liking. If so, let me know and I could perhaps pick it up for you the next time I visit. I especially liked the Nintendo Super Mario Pez heads but also seen a ton of snacks that can be highly useful during long play-throughs or perhaps even twitch streams, because why not.

If you follow me on SaGamer.co.za you’ll know that every second Monday I do a featured review called Blast from the Past. Its basically a review that my editor and I do once a week on anything retro related or two console generations behind. This week saw me playing Cybernator. A side scrolling shoot em up that puts players in the seat of a mech! YES, I said mech!
It was definitely the most fun I had in a while with a shoot em up, although a little tough to get into at first due to the controls of the mech. But once you’ve pushed through that and your muscle memory kicks in, it’s a Blast from the Past…no pun intended. Make sure you check out my review here.

The rest of the week seemed to blur by me, especially at work and I found myself coming home exhausted although there were a few good news pieces and reviews such as Ni no Kuni II receiving free dlc on the 9th of August and Semblance, a South African developed video game that hit the Nintendo Switch. Apart from that I don’t really have much to tell except on a review that I’ve been working on myself that takes us to the next point.

The Mooseman
By far one of the weirdest titles I’ve played recently. BUT and this is a huge BUT, I do love music and art work within games and The Mooseman definitely rings those bells. The reviews up today on SaGamer so make sure you check it out and hit a comment or two. And while you’re there make sure you check out the rest of the articles, features and competitions on the site. The rest of the writers are super friendly and awesome. Until next week, take care.



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