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Hey everyone, another week and with it a bit of news and an event coming up.

First up let’s touch on what’s happening this weekend…Pokémon GO Community Day. This month we’ll get the opportunity to catch the adorable Eevee. So whether you’re still playing Pokémon GO or not, make sure you join your local communities by checking out my post with all the details.

Not too far off from the pocket monster fever, The Pokémon Company revealed that Mega Evolutions will be included in their Pokémon games coming to the Switch, Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. It’s obviously weird to see something like this since the game is supposed to be a Blast from the Past, Pokémon Yellow remake but that does in no way reduce the hype levels!

Speaking of Blasts from the Pasts, every Monday SaGamer runs a feature known as Blast from the Past where we review older games. Every second week I take a turn on this feature and this week I reviewed Devil World. It was definitely a nostalgic blast for me, however the game can be quite repetitive after some time. Be sure to check out my review over at SaGamer.

So apart from the news and my review a quick touch on what I’ve been playing. I’ve recently picked up Fire Emblem Heroes once again and must say after not playing it for a good four to five months, the content that Intelligent games has added is insane! After playing for the past week I’ve still not been able to cover everything that’s been added, including an extension on the story (a new story) as well as a ton of new mechanics and features added to the game. Needless to say that my flame has been re-ignited.

Next up, I’ve finally had a chance to jump back into the World of Monsters, Monster Hunter World. For the past three nights I’ve been tackling one hunt, the Behemoth hunt. And although I’ve been getting my behind handed to me over and over again, admittedly I am enjoying the hunt. Although I’ve only done it with strangers so perhaps its time to stop chasing the joy and go for glory!

And finally the game that has held not only my attention but my heart as well, Persona 4 Golden. Now step back for a second and think about how old this game is. It’s over ten years old and yet it still has the ability to steal a players emotion away from themselves! Now if you know me, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of JRPG’s, especially with their story and character development. However Persona is something different, something more and definitely something special. It takes the character development not only to the next level but to your next level. How, you ask? Well imagine growing with the character within the game, when they develop their relationships in game, you feel as if you’ve developed that relationship with the NPC’s. When their relationships are betrayed or one of them become hurt, you feel as if your own loved one was done wrong. That’s the type of game you’re looking at within Persona 4 Golden. I’m only around 50 hours in and I’m told I still have about 10 hours to go before the end but this is one game that I don’t want to end. If you’ve not played Persona 4 Golden make sure to check out my review that’ll be coming soon…

Well everyone, that’s it from me for this weeks catch up. Apart from all the games I’ve not really watched much anime this week nor have I worked on my YouTube channel much in the past four weeks and I do apologize for that. I will definitely catch up on the YouTube uploads but the plan for now is for me to focus on my Instagram posts which I’ve been trying to post on everyday and finding it a bit difficult at times and of course this blog and it’s weekly post. It’s still been quite tough for me finding a comfortable schedule on life and working on a blog, uploading YouTube vids and trying to stream on Twitch whilst still working a 9-5, writing for SaGamer daily and being a dad and husband is quite a juggle. However I do want to thank everyone for the support that you’ve given me across all my media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Till next week, take care everyone.

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