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Controller of Life – weekly catch up…local is lekker, support them

Hey Everyone, this week we’re changing it up a bit, yes it’ll be focused on my weekly catch up but I’d also like to push towards more and more people supporting South African content creators, writers and just local talent. Our country has a multitude of talented individuals and groups out there so every week I’d like to support them as best as I can. And if you’re aware of these individuals please feel free to contact me on any of my social media channels and let me know so I can add them to my weekly post. So without further ado, let’s get this weeks post started.

First up I’d like to start off with a weekly podcast show that I like to listen to. Checkpoint Chat. Now to take a step back for a second, I listen to loads of podcasts daily. What with my two hour commute everyday to and from work it’s the most opportune time for me, not to mention also listening to it at my desk at work. Some of them include Video Game podcasts from IGN’s Game Scoop, IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat and IGN’s Beyond. To the guys over in Japan on the 8-4 Play podcast. I also listen to motivational and business podcasts such as Don’t Keep your day job, The Goal Digger, The Digital Entrepreneur and The Side Hustle Show. And admittedly as much as I love those shows and they keep my creative juices and passion flowing I have to say that Checkpoint Chat brings a different vibe, mojo and feels altogether. The two hosts Alessandro Barbosa and Matthew Figueira not only are passionate video gamers/geek enthusiasts but also bring a wide array of knowledge of just general life style here in South Africa. They chat about things like chocolates, pizza, academics, family, spiders…which I wish they wouldn’t and just everything local and current here in South Africa. So the phrase “local is lekker” really pays off with them. And although this post is all about local, if local just isn’t your thing, don’t let what I said above put you off because they are just as knowledgeable in global affairs, especially when it comes to video games. To wrap things up, I have to say that it’s quite fun, entertaining and insightful to listen to them every week and their passion especially for video games inspires me to build more on my own passion in the industry. So make sure you head on over to Facebook or Twitter and check them out.

Let’s take a blast to the past. If you don’t know by now, SaGamer does a weekly retro review every Monday. And this week Dawid reviewed a game that I spent many of my teen life days playing. Die Hard Trilogy. An action packed title where stealth could be well utilized and yet on the other hand you could just fly in guns blazing, Yippee-Ki-Yay….

Next up, I’d like to introduce you to Nikita also known as Sgt Curry Pants. Her twitter bio says that she’s a Doctor, gamer, geeky small time youtuber and proud South African. But what it doesn’t mention is that she’s also an awesome human being and is constantly supporting local peeps as well. Constantly mentioning them in her tweets, giving credit to everyone, sharing their content and networking everyone almost daily. She also makes some kick ass youtube vids so make sure you check her out and support her on Twitter and her YouTube channel.

And finally I’d like to touch on what I’ve been doing this week. Unfortunately it’s been a really crazy week at work so I’ve been coming home drained but even after saying that I’ve still managed to squeeze in some game time whenever I can. I am now in over 50 hours in the master piece that is Persona 4 Golden. Although I’ve battled what seemed to have been the final boss I’m just not sure that I’m done with it as yet, although its one of those games which I just don’t want ending but things haven’t wrapped up and the game has a knack for teasing the player into thinking that you’re at the end but you soon discover that, this is not the case. I’ve also jumped back into Destiny 2 to polish up my first person shooter skills…pew pew…but honestly, really looking forward more to Rainbow 6 Siege, why, because it’s completely free but only until the 20th. So if you can, I highly recommend downloading it for the weekend. Apart from that my adventure continues, daily, with Pokémon GO, Gotta Catch em All.

Well, that’s it from me for this week. As I mentioned it’s been a rough/tough week so I haven’t even had the chance to watch anything anime related but the best part about it all is that no matter how busy we get, there’s always time to support our local talent. Till next week, take care, game on and just enjoy every second of life as we never know how much time we have left.

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