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Comic-Con Africa, Support Local Talent & Finally a Switch – Weekly Catch Up

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Controller of Life. My apologies for being MIA lately. It’s been a really busy time for me but oh so good at the same time. I won’t bore you all with the specifics but apart from me finally acquiring the Nintendo Switch I also attended another Nintendo Play Day at the Nexus and got to experience the infamous Comic Con! But more on that later. Let’s kick things off with the local is lekker part of this blog post shall we.



This weeks Life Controller (yes, this is now a new phrase that I just made up and will continue to use going forward for the incredibly talented people we have here in South Africa, that continue to do amazing things for our local communities be it inspire us or support us) is none other than the South Africa’s top Pokémon Professor Armand Kruger. I met Armand a few years ago during my participation in the local Pokémon tournaments on the Nintendo 3DS. Even before we met, his passion and dedication to grow the competitive Pokémon community here in South Africa was incredible and to this day he continues to push the fold further and further. It’s definitely not an easy task as we may have a large number of Pokémon fans in South Africa but the competitive scene for the Video Game Competitions just isn’t that strong. However, the few that are involved in the scene are quite dedicated and have the skills to compete at the Pokémon World Championships with some even receiving invitations to participate abroad. Unfortunately, funding always seems to be a problem for these qualifying individuals to travel abroad. BUT even with this being a hurdle, I know that the passion and dedication that people like Armand have will one day soon be rewarded. Just as long as we continue to support and show love to our local Life Controllers. Thanks Armand for being a flag bearer to the local Pokémon community here in South Africa. Make sure you check him out on Facebook and Twitter and show some love on the Facebook Pokémon VGC group.


Now onto some news that even I could not believe. My possession of a heavily seductive object…the Nintendo Switch (although second hand I purchased it for a steal of a price with Mario Kart 8). So, about a month back I decided that no matter how hard I try to save, there’s always going to be some sort of emergency that’ll pop up. If its not repairing my vehicle (which thankfully was sold earlier this year) then its something going wrong with my fridge or an unforeseen expense during the month. Enough was enough and with Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee looming on the horizon, I had to do something drastic…so I implied the Economic equation, well my economic equation. In order to gain something of value, I’d have to give up something of equal value. Enter my LEGO Minifigure collection. Yes, believe it or not 62 LEGO Minifigures granted me sales of around R4600. After advertising them on a Facebook Lego minifigure-swap group I was astounded to receive replies almost instantly. Some buyers purchasing two or three and others taking up to twenty. Needless to say, I thank everyone that supported me in finally achieving my dream of owning Nintendo’s hybrid console. A few pics of my LEGO collection below, let’s take a moment of silence for them although I know they all went to good homes.


A few years back video gaming and even anime or comic book events were scarce and, in some areas, non-existent. Fast forward to the present day and we have monthly events like the Nintendo Play Day and of course for the first time in South Africa Comic Con. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still tons of spots in our beloved country that just does not have these local events for fans to attend but compared to a decade ago, I for one am happy to see the support that groups like ACGL, NAG and VS Gaming are giving to the local communities here in South Africa. And I know that with time, more and more individuals and areas will come on board to create an even larger access to video games and just geek fandom here in South Africa. Just as long as we all remember to support each other and quit on the hating!!

Coming back to what I was trying to get at though. Earlier this week or last weekend to be exact, South Africa had its first Comic Con. And needless to say, it was Epic!

Apart from all the cos-players at the show (which I have to say were incredible!!) I saw quite a large presence of local artists. There were portraits of comic book characters, anime characters and even a local comic book creator. Some stands even had locally created apparel which looked to be of even better quality than what we see at our local clothing retailers. To be quite honest, I really wasn’t prepared for all the amazing local talent I saw there but one thing is certain, next year my wallet will be ready!!

Besides all the local talent at the show, the atmosphere itself was incredible. I was only able to attend on the Sunday unfortunately but the time passed as if it was nothing. There was so much to see and so much to buy that it was kind of a shame that I didn’t have another day. Sadly, there were a few, let’s say strenuous bits. First thing, always make sure you carry water with you to these conventions. With all the walking you do, its best to stay hydrated especially since somethings like tents or food stalls, or break areas are out in the open. Secondly, always make sure you draw money before you arrive. I had planned to do this but assumed that I’ll be okay, only to get there and two atm’s were out of order whilst the third made a friend and I stand in a que for over twenty minutes only to die on us when it was our turn. And third, although going alone isn’t really a problem, making it a group thing is incredible. It allows you to enjoy the things you’re most passionate about with more passionate people around you. And if anything, they can also bail you out of a jam like the jam I was in with no cash…face-palm!!

With all things being said and done, Comic-Con was amazing. There were a ton of people who mentioned that it seemed more video gaming focused rather than an actual comic convention and perhaps it was. BUT hey, it was only the first one, and if the next one is half as good as this one was, then I’m all for it.

Well, that’s it for this week everyone. To everyone that has supported me across any of my channels, twitter, instagram, facebook, SaGamer, Youtube and even here on my blog – Thank You. I hope I can continue to bring to you awesome content, news and entertainment. Let’s keep on pushing and supporting each other.

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