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An Anime Blast from the Past – High Score Girl Netflix

I haven’t watched a ton of anime this year. Although the few that I have dived into have left me rather satisfied. More so, Netflix has become a really good source for me to dive into new shows since the app is so readily available across all of my devices. Not to mention that you can download episodes to watch offline on your mobile device. Which brings me to the latest, High Score Girl.

High Score Girl follows a boy named Haruo Yaguchi and his passion and obsession for video games. The series starts off with him spending most of his after school life at the arcade on fighting games. With Street Fighter II being the main focus. But as the series progresses, so does technology and home consoles are introduced into the series such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Saturn as well as the Sony PlayStation (I smiled and tears appeared in my eyes when the PlayStation started up on the anime). Talk about nostalgic BOOM! There are also many games showed off and spoken about in the series such as Ghost and Goblins, Mortal Kombat and even multiple JRPG’s such as Final Fantasy and to my pleasure, Chrono Trigger.

The protagonist however soon realizes that although he thought he was the very best, especially at fighting games, he has rivalry of titan proportions. This rivalry which coincidentally also turns into friendship and possibly love interests.

It most certainly is one of the most memorable anime’s I’ve watched recently. And also only has an episode listing of 12. So you’ll be able to watch it in one sitting. There are tons of comedic moments filled with real, tear feeling scenes. If you love video games, anime and a light hearted love story then this is a must. Especially if you’re just watching to appreciate the nostalgic blast that this anime brings viewers in terms of 90’s video gaming and the arcade scene in Japan. It truly is a love letter for 80’s and 90’s retro games. Make sure to check it out on Netflix.

Some of the titles showed off in the anime:

Mortal Kombat
Vampire Warrior: Darkstalkers
China Warrior
Virtua Fighter
Final Fight
Ghosts and Goblins

Some of the other titles I’ve been watching:

Forest of Piano
Dragon Pilot
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Hero Mask
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
The Asterisk War
Magi Adventure of Sinbad
Children of the Whales
Godzilla Planet of the Monsters

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