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My top 5 anticipated games of 2019

Being a video game enthusiast isn’t easy for anyone. Whether you’re an adult working a 9-5 and have to pay rent or a bond. Or a student with no 9-5 job, saving up for the next big AAA title. Nevertheless, whoever you are, saving up and spending on your passion and hobby aint an easy task. Which is why many of us limit or restrict our purchases to a handful of titles per year. Sure, if we’re lucky enough we could find a few video games on sale or even second hand. BUT for certain games, waiting a few months to a year before it goes on sale just isn’t an option. Especially titles that possess online play and co-op. Titles such as Monster Hunter World or more recently The Division 2. Don’t get me wrong, these are titles that can be played a year later. However, most of the time, we as consumers and in turn video game enthusiasts love riding the wave of a newly launched multiplayer title. It’s easy to find co-op partners. It’s all the talk around the web, YES FOMO is a real thing. And of course, the developers are pushing out content and support for player at full throttle during this time.

So, is there a solution to make sure you’re ready for the year’s releases. Yes and No. Sadly, from my experience, there isn’t any concrete solution. All we can do, is set reminders and make a list of our highly anticipated games coming out within the year. And even after making a list, there’ll still be surprises after shows like E3 and Gamescom. Nevertheless, we can try and I’ve created a list down below for my top 5 anticipated video games of 2019.

  1. Anthem

Released in February. Anthem was a highly anticipated title for me. With aspects that reminded me of games such as Destiny 2 and The Division, I knew it would be a blast to get into with friends and family. Sadly, after the BETA’s (I was lucky enough to receive a code from BioWare for the closed BETA) I was completely disheartened. The game itself was gorgeous, and flying and piloting a Javelin in combat was insanely entertaining. But sad to say the servers were a mess, and I glitched like a ghost through a ton of my missions. The enemies felt like sponges at times just as the enemies in The Division and finding a team to play with was a mission on its own. I am definitely still considering getting the game later on in the year. But this decision is of course due to me waiting on the servers to be better maintained or more stable in the future. I have heard in recent reports that the game has improved from launch till now drastically, and I’ve seen a ton of people enjoying it. However, for myself, personally, I’ll be singing this Anthem with a few friends who’ve made the same decision, a bit later on in the year.

2.The Division 2

Released in March. Coming off Monster Hunter World and being a huge fan of the first The Division, my friends and family were not going to pass on this title. We’ve already in the two weeks of release have in a combined total number of play hours of around 400 hours. Which may not sound as impressive as many out there, but I’d like to remind you all that each one of the three Division agents I play with work a 9-5 as well as have life commitments outside of our daily missions within Washington D.C. The game itself has given us another reason to log on every night, take on enemy control points and missions that force us to think in a tactical way. This is one title I do not regret purchasing. The Division 2 has offered us a well detailed playground within the city. You’ll never know when you may run into an enemy patrol. Or even a bounty that’s offered as weekly challenges. The gear and weapons are also quite intricate. And we find ourselves looting at every chance we get. Equipping new guns and then modifying them for more damage output is quite rewarding. Let alone, increasing your armour with specific mods that’ll give you and the team an added advantage against any and every heavily armoured hostile. A word of warning though, and this is more of a confession as well. The Division 2 just as the first game, didn’t offer us much of an interest within its story. Heck the game itself doesn’t even confirm to players at the beginning as to why you’re a Division agent running around saving hostages or taking on enemies across the city. No, this title is all about the multiplayer aspect. Or at least it is for myself and friends. Yes, I’d agree, many out there play the game for different reasons. But from my personal opinion I would say, if you’re looking at getting into The Division 2. Make sure you have friends or family that are willing to take the journey with you. It’s the best way to experience a game such as this. And on that same note, please check out my Twitch streams on The Division 2 and follow me. You can find my twitch channel right here. And be sure to check out the awesome review from my editor over at SaGamer.

3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The next Fire Emblem title is set to release on the 26th of July for the Nintendo Switch. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan. The Fire Emblem games have always stolen my attention with their heart wrenching, well scripted stories of betrayal, loss, love and courage. Also, I loved playing chess back in high school and I’m a huge fan of RPGs so naturally a Tactical Role-Playing title with a good story, mind challenging battles and good animated cut-scenes is a sure guarantee for me. The Fire Emblem titles also have a knack for creating a sort of bond between you and its characters. Lose one or two characters in battle whilst playing, and you’ll feel like you’ve lost a love one. This is one title I cannot miss and have already starting saving up for it.

4. Pokémon Shield

Gotta play em all. There are three franchises that I hold close and dear to my passion and my heart. Those are, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem and yep that’s right Pokémon. I’ve been playing Pokémon since the late 90’s. I’ve played every iteration and instalment within the franchise and watched the anime since I was in school. I’ve also entered a few competitive tournaments in both the trading card game as well as the video game championships. Although I may not have the capacity and time to continue within the tournaments, the games and anime itself holds a special place in my life. One of my dreams is to one day travel to Japan and visit their Pokémon Centres. Pokémon GO also gave me my first television interview as well as three radio interview appearances. To say that the Pokémon franchise has a special place within my life is an understatement. And if there’s any game I want to play more in my 2019 year, it’s Pokémon Shield. The formula may remain the same, having the player run through the country, defeat eight gym members and challenge the elite four or Pokémon champions but every Pokémon fan knows, it’s the journey that you take with your Pokémon team across every challenge of the region that makes these games so special. Raising your Pokémon and taking on opposing trainers with just as much skill is the joy of these games. What’s more is that once you’re done with the game itself, make sure to log onto the Pokémon Global Link website. There is an entire community of Pokémon fans waiting to challenge you. It’s up to you though to show them that you can be the very best. Pokémon Shield promises not only a new adventure, but new Pokémon, a new world to explore and tons of new challenges from trainers and the Pokémon world itself. Make sure you check out the Pokémon Direct that was recently aired showing off the games.

5. Hollow Knight: Silksong

I’ve recently picked up for the Nintendo Switch Hollow Knight. Well, when I say recently, I mean a few months ago. Little did I know, that this ‘tiny little’ game would be one of the largest and most epic adventures and tales I’d be playing. Hollow Knight may be a game about bugs but the lore that is within this game is vast. Something went wrong when a King tried to protect his people. This calamity has left the world known as Hallownest in a state of destitute beyond words. You as the player will take control of a Knight. Equipped with a nail that acts as the Knights sword, it’s up to the Knight to discover what exactly brought the calamity about and also try and save any remaining survivors within the kingdom. Of course, Hollow Knight was released two years ago and to Hollow Knight fans across the world, Team Cherry, the creator of the game announced a sequel. A sequel that stars the heroine Hornet. A character introduced in Hollow Knight with a mysterious past. A past which we’ll soon discover. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Well there you have it, my current top 5 titles for 2019. Let me know in the comments below as to what your top 5 looks like. And to everyone that’s reading this, sharing this and just being epically awesome in supporting me across my social channels, I thank you!!

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