Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World (Anime)

Anime, what is Anime to you. To me it is the magical train to another land, another world, another plane of existence. Some based on fantasy worlds far beyond our solar system. And some based on real life scenarios. However it matters not on what they’re based on. Only that their musical soundtracks captures our souls. Their intriguing, enthralling and…

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Pokémon GO Unofficial Event

This past weekend I attended an unofficial Pokémon GO event hosted by PoGoSA, Orena and CodeBros so be sure to check out their sites and support them. So you’re probably wondering unofficial?? Well if you’re an avid Pokémon GO player and fan you’ll know that Niantic has already hosted events for Japan and America. And of course recently they’ve been…

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Games of September 2017

Happy Spring everyone and with that comes the month of September. So what’s good in September? Well from my end I have to admit that I am super excited about two titles. The first isn’t something that I’ve been a player of but I’ve had my eyes on it since the beginning and that is the Destiny franchise. Since the…

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