Goodbye 2019 and thank you for coming

Another year, another decade has passed. 2019 has been one heck of a year for me personally. And I can’t say that it was all in good ways. Admittedly I’d say about 70% of it has only been up hills. But of course, with every uphill we face, the strength…

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My top 5 anticipated games of 2019

Being a video game enthusiast isn’t easy for anyone. Whether you’re an adult working a 9-5 and have to pay rent or a bond. Or a student with no 9-5 job, saving up for the next big AAA title. Nevertheless, whoever you are, saving up and spending on your passion…

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Bye Bye 2018…Hello 2019!

Hey Life Controllers, First off, I’d like to apologize to everyone for my inconsistency. I tried to keep to a schedule as much as possible this year, but with everything happening, I found that the every day plan became more and more of a challenge. My intention for 2019 is…

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