My top 5 anticipated games of 2019

Being a video game enthusiast isn’t easy for anyone. Whether you’re an adult working a 9-5 and have to pay rent or a bond. Or a student with no 9-5 job, saving up for the next big AAA title. Nevertheless, whoever you are, saving up and spending on your passion…

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Hands On

Anthem – My Impressions

Last week I was lucky enough to receive a code to try out the VIP Demo for Anthem. A game I’ve been quite excited to play and get into. The week leading up to the demo I had downloaded the almost 27 gig (which is a big deal here in…

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E3 2017, Video Games

E3 2017 – My Favorites

Earlier today we finally had the chance to watch Nintendo’s E3 2017 “conference” which is officially called Nintendo Spotlight. With this show being out the way it means that all conferences have been aired and now the show room floor is about to open to press and this year some…

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